Sunday, April 19, 2015

Collage Paper making session today.

 Here's the husband holding the piece, I call it "White Tale Dance" He's trying to hide behind it...what a sweetie. Kind of hard to take a picture of it inside the house...barely can fit the walls. Going to need a Collector with some tall walls.

 Rainy days are something aren't they...they make me hunker down and get inside and be busy....or take a extremes to the other.  Here is a my small table top workstation...mostly where all the tack down Tuesday are born. I use a piece of Kraft paper underneath and have a good old time mucking in up past paper and glazing sessions.  It's time though to make a collage paper out of it.

 Paper plate palette with white acrylic paint, sponge roller and some corrugated paper.

 Here's what ended up with...Love the layers smeared all over the place, such inspiration and many colors to pull from...might even find it's way in the next Totem.

 Blank table top...
 New piece of Kraft paper and a gestural mark christen the blankness.

 OK so I'm multi some red papers drying and here is a sketch blown up from my sketchbook that I would love to make larger...

 So here's the larger lemon lime green paper made from a Nautical map...(thank you Jeanne) I'm finally using it and another one on the table with gray on it for the piece I want to do soon...and the one leaning on the side there I'm going to cut up.

My plan is to cut this up and reassemble it differently.  You see this was a exercise in meeting and greeting the surface.  If anyone really knows me I'm a rambling chatter box when it comes to things I'm passionate about...and Creating with paper is one of them so you might as well say I'm making words with my shapes and symbols...I've some nice brick red paper that I made then went over it with the burnt orange to get the color in this piece...I'm going to use this piece to be an inspiration itself for a piece. Giving myself an assignment...I need to create some more paper with x's and o's on it and I can see I need to create a butter color that's seem to be in the background in the middle and of course black. 

And here's Paper I  made for a new stacking rock series...Seems I best get busy in the studio...Yike going be eaten by paper here soon. 


  1. You are funny! I do know you chatter alot when it comes to things you are passionate about. I, for one, LOVE listening to your chatter. Very much appreciate a peak inside your mind while you create. Thanks, friend.

  2. Oh you so sweet, hugs Lady..

  3. Nice work, Laura - you certainly have been busy! i love the layered piece and that last one also!


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