Wednesday, April 29, 2015

As I check things off the list a flood of more ideas enter....

I created a list....yes another list of things to do...this time it was for Spring projects around the house. I think there was about 10 or so things on that list to do and now only two more to check off. There's some fun poking going from the he's now running around the house talking about something that are off his list that needed fixing..(new front brakes put on the youngest daughters car) Well as I ramble on about things I couldn't help but see the difference. People who give up on there lists don't get anywhere. Harsh as it sounds..but have they giving up on themselves?   Or because something didn't work out or it posed a struggle to accomplish it? is that why the stopped?  I have many around in my family circle that struggle getting going on things and I wonder?  Have they slide so far off on the other side of the scale that the attitude of, "Why bother," takes over and they take the easy way they don't have to go through struggles, possible some area of facing reality and pain?  Well I won't drag this any deeper then the surface of the computer screen. So when I read this little Meditation for Woman this morning it brought my thinking around some blog chatter.   
Where did it happen that people thought that getting from A to Z was just one step?  (Hooked in to the Instant Gratifications our society wants us to believe) And how did other learn that breaking things down into daily manageable task/steps would get you there just as fast (tortoise and the hare) and along the way wonderful things happen with the choices and struggles.  Could it be an Illusion  some of us pick up and expect to happen?  All these questions flooding my thoughts along with ideas on a new approach to my workshops coming up has me whirling a bit. I think it time for that long walk in the woods...a place were I can bring this all and find my own personal rhythm.
 So I leave you with  this Meditation...and my mail box. 

checked off the list...

“There are no detours around obstacles.”
There isn’t a meaningful goal that can be achieved, without facing obstacles and hurdles. It’s an inevitable part of life’s road to success. The more you come to grips with this, the faster you’ll get where you want to go!
Instead of seeing difficulties as the end of your dreams, see them as part of the journey. View obstacles as challenges, which, once overcome, will bring you closer to your destination. Refuse to be stopped – keep focusing on where you want to go.
When the going gets tough, remind yourself that snags build wisdom, perseverance and strength. With this outlook your frustrations will transform to motivations and success will come your way more quickly.
©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I view obstacles as stepping stones that bring me closer to my goals.
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