Monday, March 09, 2015

Why do Goats have Rectangle Eye?

I woke  up at 3:00 am with this question...why do goats have rectangle pupils?  had a hard time going back to sleep and then when I got up I had to look it up...yes Google it and I found a few things out and for the ability to see predictors.  

Then while looking up and image for the blog post here I stumbled upon the horse's eye's too...One wouldn't think they would be prey but they are consider that and having the eye like that this is for survival to see the predictor coming and enough time to get away.  An Octopus has an eye like this.

So now that little diddy is answered I can go on about my day.

I had a spspontaneousind of day where I did my food shopping and cooked up some meals for the week and fit a walk in the woods and found the movie Fly Away Home and watched it with the Husband...I cried as usually but it touches me in a way that I can't explain...

Well off to Mayslake this morning...I'm so full of stuff to share it's unbelievable...feeling very much alive and adventures.

Attitude is changing for the better so grateful...I was beginning to was hopeless for me, stayed open and got the good orderly directions and taking some steps. 


  1. and here all the time I thought it was because goats, horses, mosquitoes, bugs in general, are from another planetary system (or two) and that once they landed, they got too stupid to fly away. Of course googled or researched, I have discovered that there seems to be no basis upon which to state that as a plausible theory...
    But, you know me. (or at least you should be getting used to me by now, eh?)

    1. Hi there Boneman....thanks for you comment.


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