Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Some concerns....

You think you scheduled enough time....but time has her own agenda for you.

Staying in small steps of process... Second coat of Polymer will go on my second totem, I want to take my time with them and let each coat dry well...then the Varnish coat will go on...

Waiting from the 12 x  16 piece to come in so I can start on the third one...again no Idea what will be...waiting for intuitive inspirations.

Seems to be a computer day as I've got to do some writing for an artist statement, that will be heading in for the Aurora Exhibit coming so quickly...something that takes time which I hope she-time, is on my side with.

My Second On line class is heating up with wonderful work popping up on the post daily...really is great to see.

And this weekend dropping off work for the Best of Best exhibit and starting the process of printing my Collage workshop packets up....Next weekend I head back to Kalamazoo...

After writing this all out no wonder I have moments of crashing and self doubt....crazy right...all the good going on I can't stop myself so might this be a way for me to stop and the doubt only to gain energy to move again....

off to "bust a move" and "keep a groove thing going. "

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