Thursday, March 12, 2015

So what was so different a week ago?

I want to say I don't know but that's not true.

How can it be in just a few short weeks life can change, like a quarter that is flipped from heads to tales. Can it be a change of attitude that makes that light go that helps you see the bigger picture?  I'm sure if it now more so then every before.

I am still in awe over this picture above.  Some years ago in fact I checked my records it was 10/5/ 2011 that this woman purchased my Tack Down Tuesday piece, Life's Experience.

 Seeing it again does bring back memories, I had an opportunity and I did the opposite of what we all think one should do...I turned it down or turned away from it....feeling not that I did bad thing but that I was really understanding that this wasn't the directions I was got be the opportunity that I turned away from...I seem to accept that with grace....and a natural flow with they say no regrets. Just Life's we know the old door closes another will open.

The key to this or the odd connections is where I am now standing in a different attitude of openness and seeing a bigger picture.  I few weeks ago I know my thinking was not in a good way. I'm just going to call it a "Thinking Flu"

Once though I came to the point of surrender, where I really felt that was a change that needed to all had to start with me..."Let it begin with me"  I had to work on changing my thinking...I then gave myself a Attitude tune up....Started working with affirmations and changing any negative thinking ever so quickly to a positive.

A simple flick of a switch...turning on light it felt like...I had a flood of positive information come in and possible followed.

Now this morning I received a email from this woman whom has become a friend and mentor and all around wise woman that I have to share the blog that she shared with me....Still   I especially want my friend down in Georgia to check this out...Sharing the good parts along with "the life experience stuff"

Well much to do's Thursday and time to take the four legged friends to the park,

Some added words of wisdom from the queen of wisdom....a few video's good for all women. 

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