Friday, March 13, 2015

Packed and ready

Now how many times have I done this....?

Got my stair masters work in yesterday. You see my studio is up stairs in our homestead there and yes I do store all this in the Master bedroom that has been my studio for some years. There's a walk in closet that I use to store this in...then the husband put shelve up and wow what a difference I could and did pack more stuff in there.

I have a staple of papers I use and can get pretty easy for people use and create new collage papers on, but I do have them bring some of there own so it adds that personal touch to it.

What a beautiful day it was to get ready too. I spotted some Sand Hill Cranes going over already...such a great promise that winter season is passing and that spring is next... I do enjoy the changes and witnessing it...

Well best be to stop in to a gallery and then head in to the Kalamazoo area and have a bit of free time before set up tonight. 

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