Thursday, March 05, 2015

Mixed Message...Collage Meditation

What's a morning like....Adult people coming down the stairs some about 5:30 others around 6:00 shuffling in the kitchen.  Me at the table with a candle lite flickering as I sip my black coffee and let the pen do it's stuff to the paper. 

I've read and have done this dance many times....the going sane fells like going in sane at times. Making right in my little corner of the world.  Call it hormones...unhealthy food choices, relationships swaying out of whack and then evening out. Creates a bit of personal drama that leaches out in places that you didn't really want it to go. 

Everything is interconnected much like a domino effect.

So my little black Transit is not doing well...and of course it's almost paid off.  The husband wants to get a Dodge Caravan a bit cheaper then the Town and Countries. I understand why...because this morning she's acting up again.  As of the front is wheels are making noises like a  baby pig crying.

I've got to head to Kalamazoo in a week and well the transit and I have been traveling together for the past 4 or so years and I hate to see it have these problems...but that means a newer vehicle might be in the big picture.

Mixed Messages and feeling seem to be whipping around the house hold...Nothing that won't settle itself down...stuff like this always passes...

Expectation on life about how life is and how I thinking it a basket of mixed messages...So I turned to the other my sketchbook and created a morning collage sketch.

Called up the Ford Dealer with a service center close by and got an appointment to drop it off...did that and walked home in the 10 degree winter weather...(oh pour me)  I actually was excited to do it because it's sunny out and it will make me feel alive and in the moment...present for the day and what service I will need to tend to.

As my Grandpa Riha would do in the morning...I will do the same and have a big bowl of soup...loaded with veggies, chicken and some black beans, much like a chicken tortilla soup but like chilli too.

Today is my Dad's birthday and when I finish here I'll be calling him...I think he's 73 year's old. 

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