Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kalamazoo Paper Guild Day 1 Intuitive process, Collage Workshop

 A fresh room before we get started.  I wanted to capture the space and how cool it old building that have become new space for Creative Souls.  Not at big as the Zhou Bro Art Center but is a place of gathering and Artist in service to help community by creating and selling there art and teaching others.

 A quick looking at the space around us on the first floor...the printers side.

 The paper makers side...I'm seeing some familiar materials here...the felts and the Vats for the pulp to go into...
 A hear the Hollard beaters...some day I would like to own one but till that some day I'll be excited for those that have access to cool. Really chops up the fibers nice and fine...totally in awe of this. Ladies you have a wonderful space for creating handmade papers.

 Here their working with Nevr Dull and the National Geographic Magazines...altering the surface and creating new collage papers.
 View from the back of the printers side to the front where we have a wonderful big space to work in.

 Big Wheels and a printing press...not sure what kind but this is something that is very old and still does a great job of printing I'm sure...takes a special skilled person to run it too...or many hours of process to get it just right.

 Had so share the wellness side of the weekend, beside the wellness of being a creative person we need good energy coming in also.  Talk about color and good choices...Oh so fine...thank you ladies for presenting for us all.
We are all working on some stained tissue papers we work into the arrangement and assemble of putting a collage together. Can't wait.  Wonderful group of women, full of excitement and energy...I so can feel it. 

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