Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great Dane Yoga...

This week I've been trying to stay away from reading...working the Artists Way and we are on week 4...Reading Deprivation week.  I know for sure I'm a bit out of whack with this...and would like to set certain days to do the social media. I found such freedom from shutting my phone off and staying not totally way from the computer but I sure feel I gained some balance.  So easily one can get sucked in...So more walks this week and yoga is back in to the schedule and as you can see our big boy Hank is doing Yoga his way on his couch.

This week also had me outside more then I'd been in a long time...Turing over the flower beds, burning the tall grasses that I left up from this past fall...even got the husband out to help me in one area to get thing to drain we don't have a bit mud pit that Hank runs through...Carl seems to not get to muddy.

               Now to get all the art picked out for the Paramount Grand Gallery this week.

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