Friday, March 20, 2015

Despite what's going on in Life....Today is Happy Planet Day!

 My mother in law had to have a partial knee surgery we had to be there at 5:00 am so I brought my Morning pages and did them while in the waiting room. I couldn't do my Artist Way stuff for Week 4...we are not to be reading and giving our self a break from that...How reading can be a deterrent.
So I have this image of a table top sculpture with this spikes and circles on it.  Having this shapes attracted is interesting to me.  While I was up in Lac du Flambuea WI last year I created this piece...well it was sold that week to a student and I have just the image of it...but I'm still attracted to it. And because Sand Hill Cranes have been migrating over I played around with a sketch. Lets say it calmed my inside a whole lot.

Inspiration, 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper. Sold but still an inspiration. 
So much so I had to go for an afternoon walk in the woods..put on 6 miles again...I'm trying to build up the mileage for walking in other forest preserves in Du Page of my things I wanted to do this year is walk the forest preserve areas that have trails..just in DuPage County...besides all the other things going on...I'll just slip that one in..

 So as I've been jetting around I've been having some quickie in the studio...small steps forward on a few projects.  I've finally received the 12 x 16 panels so I could start on the third totem and as you can see I've got an under painting here...then I'll coat with polymer medium a few times to build up the layers before collaging. The Second Totem is on the drying rack as I complete the side before I can put them together in the frame. Which will be black but I want the edge to be painted so no hint of wood shows...

 So doing as Gemini's do best is have fourteen projects going at a time...lets just say My mother taught me to use my time when you have a few put them to good use. I've cut the hole for the small/tall shadow box and then I had to build the box out  of balsa wood and let it dry...I do need to straight that hole though...bothering me.

I'm going to stick to the them with the Wooden Manikin I think???? The box is raw now but till become part of the bottom half I think...Like I said with this one it was suppose to be a crane but that didn't work out and moved into a Red Roof piece.

I want to go burn my tall grasses and working with some of the yard stuff I picked up cedar chips and want to lay those down and prepare the area for the much to do and so grateful I have so much to do...I could not have a home and full of all these people I live with and my four legged friends then where would I be...not happy that's for sure..  Happiness today...Happy Song 

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