Monday, February 09, 2015

Two things for sure....D and T

Well I took it all back and handled it myself. What I took back was doing my own business and home taxes with the turbo tax...grateful there was funds in the account, because I knew that I would have to pay and grateful the Husband sat with me on the second day and help me read and comprehend things.   I was never good at reading math word problems...and this wasn't a Math word problem but lets you know I still have area's where things don't connect.  Can't blame it on the high school years. It's been that way all my life...I feel now you know as you look back that is why I so desperately enjoy trying to make connection in my creative art process.

So now that is done, scraping my hands of this, I'm going to be aware differently and try to make adjustments.  Also so grateful I signed up to do the Kalamazoo Garage Art I can build my little art account back up.

Bringing some lite into the picture...I really got the understanding about two things for sure are Death and Taxes.

 Now going to change the topic....I finally took the glass back off these two collage/assemblages.

Sweet Ride

 These were made while I was up at the healing house in Gages Lake with Crystal Neubauer.  She had us creating small exercises and well I didn't follow it exactly and let the inspiration of what was being reveal guide me...Posted this all awhile back but having them clearer to see all that's in them makes me delighted. I love working with assemblage and creating a nice little story.

Cash flow 
I have to share that some of this materials that were used came from a box of stuff from my mom that she was saving to give to me...I have to say these kinds of gifts are the best...I never know where I'm going use them and this opportunity came.   Carpet tacks are used in Sweet Ride to hold a piece of glass and the turn buttons were used in Cash flow...I was going to use Plexiglas but I just didn't look or feel right.

I'm thinking of changing out some things for the October Workshop I'll be teaching with hopes that all goes well and people sign up and create the floating collages and then move them into this wood panel box.

This piece was done a few years back and sold right away....can't remember who purchased it but the out side of the papers really become very important in composition then straight edges.  This piece was called Circle of Hope, 6 x 6 on watercolor papers and then mounted on mat board and then framed with a 2" mat and now is someone else's.  I do love this color...the combination of lime green white and back with some image transfer of the turtles and the word family. The button was added because we can all relate to that, keeps us connected from one side to the other which keeps our body and heart warm. Shadowing was done with the mixture of sap green, green gold a touch of black and glazing satin medium.

Off to pack up for class this morning. 

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