Sunday, February 01, 2015

The last few days

 Front year and looking out to the Cattail field.
 The back Yard from the studio deck looking down...

Last night I was sitting trying to relax and now to of my hardest things of all is not to do. A little collage meditation.
 Mid section of the second totem...going to have a picture I took last year in the woods of this buck. I've done some scratching and sanding of the surface and the line to the star will be there but the large brown area will have related papers with the bottom parts below.  Placing a realistic image in an abstract graphic realm is a bit different. but I like it.

This is the 12 x 48" piece that will be the bottom of the second totem...detail is fading with the photo I took. 

Watching the snow come down steady and the husband is still out plowing..stopped by to use the restroom but has to stay out...just called and stopped for donuts and's exciting but hard on the body with now sleep.


  1. Beautiful photographs and art work. Just love the last one...
    ~ karen

    1. thank you Karen, it's about done but will be paired up with three other wood panels I'm working make a totem.


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