Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Find....and morning rambles

Nothing feels better then the fine.

Funny how a flow goes... at times all I want to do is ramble my fool head off and then there's the time ebb where one tends to personal things or the next thing on the list. I will be starting the artist way again with a class at Mayslake and this is always a good time of year to do it.  As a dear friend shared the other day, Winter is also a time to be more introspective with our lives.  When it's the other season we are outside more and our attention is on all that is active around us.

Well I'm excited about reading it again...this one copy of the Artist Way is so soft and warn in...very comfortable to hold and I've marked it up so much, when I read it I feel like I'm in the company of an old friend.  I've got dates of when I started another round of 12 weeks.(3 months)  The last time I did it was in October 2013 at Mayslake.   I have two Artist Way friend from this last time signed up for this time.  I will be excited to hear how life has been and if the adventure of the Artist Way effected them.

Along with the winter and its introspective time upon many of us creatives. We are gearing up and getting ready for things and making changes. Nothing feels better then finding the direction to head in next.

I'm going to share from meditations from Native American Elders:

Often we may think that insanity has returned because we will see our relationships get boring, our jobs become complicated and we tend to experience withdrawal from life. We must realize the wintertime is a very constructive season. It is nature's way of making us grow. Incubation period, when you might think nothing is happening. Oh but that's not so....

Nothing feels better then finding out that all things have a reason and it's a natural movement of ebb and flow.

Again I can't say how good it is for an obsessive thinker to spill out on the pages...and then if time allows create a collage meditations and reflect on it all.   Pick a rock from my bowl that says, "Open Mind, Open Heart."  And then to read something like Laughter is the best medicine and has such healing powers.   Laughter heals relationships.  I've hear if you can laugh at your own behaviors then you know your in a good way,  a way of healing.  Away of growing.

Nothing feels better then the find of a imperfect balance that fits comfortable close to your heart.

Stretching and making connection from way out in the web of life and bring it home for continue understanding and compassion which leads to keeping it humble and close to the earth.

another connection came...this morning with this link...5 Traits Creative people have


  1. My group is reading Walking in this World right now. After reading two other authors this past year, reading Julia is like coming home!!

    1. I think that's way I enjoy reading and do the artist does make you feel like your coming home..home to yourself I would say.


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