Friday, February 20, 2015

Staying open to the message...

I'm about to embark on another round of the Artist Way and I pulled out my book...the one I use for classes.  I have a few of them.  A hard cover one with many years shared and a while back I purchased another hard cover with all the book she wrote in this series.

Feeling very sacred about this all...I'm excited and I'm in awe too.  Insight, inspiration and new knowledge comes from many places.  From the stranger on the street to music on the radio when you stay open to the message and allow it to flow through, wonderful things can happen.

My first nugget this morning came in a form of a rock...on the rock the words "Give thanks" was written.  After yesterday I was at a point of patience that was about to not be anymore.  I know I was looking for how to handle this new day even before I came to the morning pages and my first cup of coffee.

My morning pages are a spill of words but this morning they have been come my counsel. Where I spill out and seek a message on how I need to behave and act upon. With these words Give thanks, I'm lead with a grateful heart.

Next thing that came from written words was the word adapt,  oh like our four legged friends the coyote...for their survival the adapting has been the code.

The next thoughts were about this adapting but still staying strong in a wholeness...not losing one self as a change or situation comes upon us.  My next words in my morning pages was to ask how is to be and come about?  By giving a few more pages written then normal came about and my attitude changed and the wholeness continues. With a nugget of living in harmony.

As I being to refresh myself with the Artist Way introduction I'm reminded of so much.  I know others have read this book once and didn't agree with it or once was enough they could stand...a little to much for them but I find comfort in it.  As another artist friend said, "it's like coming home"  and I do agree the coming home part is to myself.  Reconnecting to a part of me that so easily gets influence or distracted by the societal situations we live in.

Sharing this book with others some reconnecting like myself and other first time around will be exciting. I truly love to witness as others make the connection I learn from them as we all learn together...creating a community.

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  1. "It's like coming home," coming home to the self, The Artist's Way. Trying not to loose oneself as change comes our way. These quotes remind me of another "coming home to self" book, Gift From The Sea. "Only in growth, reform and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found." -Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    Our son left for South Korea this morning. He will be gone for one year. It wasn't until I came home from the airport, that I felt a sense of...oh gosh, not sadness, not loss, but something not good...Up until then, I felt proud, excited and confident. I'm right there with you, Laura...seeking insight, inspiration and new knowledge...


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