Friday, February 13, 2015 just comes over me, Like a flood

This morning in my morning pages I was writing about some thing and what I realized just this morning is the last week I've been obsessing about it every day spilling out and then writing about spiritual things and then back to obsessing on the same thing.

I'm glad that I became aware of this before it was going into the third week as I usually do.

My rock that was picked this morning said Forgive and let go....

I know I have to forgive myself for allowing old behaviors and ask for guidance,  I've had some good intention going into each year the last couple and they have all come to blossom. I know that my intuition and good intention are a truth that I must follow...I'm more at peace so I've decided to listen to this guidance and do my obsessive job to a point and then I've got to let go.  It is not a bad thing but how I get when I do this volunteer job is not healthy for my mind, body and soul at this time in my life.  I'll be doing my part and then let go...let go... let go.

I'm so thankful for a quick little chat with a elder artist friend, I asked her, " is it a woman thing that we feel guilty"  And she said yes it is...and not to feel guilty and you've done enough...let be what it is.

My step mother told me once if you don't let go then no one else will see the need to pick it up..and if someone else decided to pick it up the volunteer job, who also has been in a volunteer roll too you can't be responsible for the choices.

I had wanted to write more about a new awareness or an awakening but I think I'll keep that were it needs to stay...close to my heart...

Why might I be sharing this...because life has a way of allowing us to sway from the east to the west or west to roads...but not to travel that direction all the time...we taste and feel the swaying enough to know and choices what is best for us living a good red road.

Meaning behind the art: I finally got the chance to listen to Ed Sheeran’s X CD while I started this week’s Tack Down Tuesday. My youngest daughter came into the studio to let me know she was thinking of me when she heard his songs on the radio, “kind of cool when your children can relate to you like that.”  He’s got a very real and heartfelt voice, much like Tracy Chapman another favorite of mine.  All of his songs are great but the song, Bloodstream seemed to speak stronger to me…work is Sold but it's one that was brought out form the core to the surface just by listening to sound of the beat, voice and words.  

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  1. It's been a long time since I've visited your blog. So glad I came across it again today; your post resonates with me.


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