Thursday, February 12, 2015

Frayed and gearing up for the challenge in the studio time to bust a move.

Today is book club and I so enjoy these moments of free therapy.  And being with like minded woman.  Some how we are all creative in our arts and we love to find books about spirituality and our creative nature and our woman hood.

We have been taking two chapters a month...small but might little book, touches base on all the good subjects....we are talking about Children and Menopause today..

 So what and where I've been working lately? 

Workweek, about 14 x 36 collage on 100%  2 ply rag mat

This is a seasoned piece of art..taken out of the frame  and glass but still matted.  I took photo of it before I wrapped it up in a plastic sleeve. Getting it ready for the Kalamazoo Garage Art Sale at the end of the month. 

 I need to make about three more of this cards for Valentine and Hope to be working on this shortly but....
 My drawing table...has become a  dumping and running site.

 The stack is growing at the back door of the studio and this is one space I've only started with. Sounding a bit big of myself but the down side of being prolific is you have more art to try to find a home for.

 The Husband ordered some new motorcycle parts for his Harley and well I couldn't pass up the blue papers.. I already have an idea of making some more collage paper that will resemble rocks...more Contemporary stacking rock collage in my minds eye for The Flying Pig Gallery in Algoma WI

 Another side table where I unload more things before I head up to Crystal studio for play date the other day.

As you can see from my studio I've been creating and running and not picking up after myself - shame on me....and with pulling out seasoned works to get ready for the art sale...I'm feeling a bit frayed.  But nothing like a challenged to get this all done and ready.  (secretly loving it) and when you let go of something you make room to grow. 

OK time to bust a move....


  1. Thanks for sharing! My studio is beginning to look similar. I am almost ready for a month long show in Nelson, in March. I have been waiting 2 years to get into this location. I have most of my work ready for that one, but I am in Creative Chaos in June, a 3 day Artisan Fair in Vernon, BC. I need lots of smaller, portable work for that one, so the creating and the mess continues in the studio. Robyn (I need to try to change my name 'The Fish' just isn't working for me anymore:)

    1. HI Robyn, How exciting for you, congrats on being excepted. nothing line a good fire under a behind to get the body moving deadlines and dates to meet...

      I don't know I love the name Fish...embrace it.

  2. Laura, it's through your words and your art, that I am starting to believe in myself. Tree Spirited Woman says to let go and trust. You have been saying that for years! I am, in part, who I am from knowing you. I miss you.


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