Sunday, February 01, 2015

2015-5 days long and the 5th year

Information is coming in to share with everyone about the workshops up at Dillman's.  This year I'm not able to head to Hopkins Minnesota for the intro to this year's line up.  Schedule doesn't allow for it. But I did want to share with you all I've got a "5" think going's 2015 and the workshop I'm offering this year will be 5 days long and it's my 5th time teaching up there...I think I'll keep it at 5 days so this is kind of a "Golden" year for me... Workshop starts May 16th- May 22nd. Would have been something of awe if it started on May 15th...well can't have it all. It's still a very special time to be in the great northern areas of the states and we will have a wonderful time together exploring the creative process, bring forth and mastering some of the areas we felt were our stumbling blocks. The medium of Collage and Mixed Media offers us the opportunity to explore beyond limits. Video 

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