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Friday, January 23, 2015

Took the snowy path home...

 After I picked up my art today from Aurora City Hall...the work was hanging since May of 2014, I was going to take a walk in my usually woods...but at a quick choice I decided to go to Danada and walk the field and woods there.  I started at maker 14 and end up at Marker 1.  Saw one person but the whole time from 10:15 to 1:30 I was out there on my own...walking and watching the birds...Saw 12 Crows flying together which means "Blessings"Three Hawks circling  together and two blue birds such a beautiful royal blue.

 From Danada to Herrick Lake today....and back...6.4 miles walking on slippery path and snow.

 Frozen Herrick Lake

I think this is wild yam plant.

Had to visit the herd today...I found out most of the draft horse were transferred over to the St. James Farm, I think that's where they said. 

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