Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking a moment longer and Bow

This morning I know my face and body language spoke loudly to the husband as I did my morning pages. I know this only because he kept asking what's up and what do I have going on...(responding with my rambling agenda usually.)  I shared,  I should be able to finish the painting of the tipi today and then I would need to prepare some collage papers for a demonstrations this weekend..and before you can blink the day will be done.

In centering and keeping balance as best I can I sway, comfort in the back and forth moments used to rock our babies to sleep. I continue this motion in other ways. My body, mind and spirit are ever changing as rightly so...and realizing that and following more of a flow seems easy but with a past of filling every second, space and moment with something but now not...feels like I'm a buoy in the water bobbing around.  Visually not true...but making changes, for oneself can seem different for sure. Not at all bad but different.

I'm trying to single task...focus on what job needs to be done and complete as best I can and then move on...for sure I'm not doing it well but reining in new behavior because I would like to move through the rest of my life simply though excitement will be there and some adventures but it surely isn't worth the schedule crunch I was on. (notice...this gal is now stepping off the crazy bus of society's so called life.)

Friends, loved ones and those that have kept an eye on me know this was something that they have gone through and have also made the changes. So kindly and hard as it is to watch some one over pack their days and years with way to much see a crash coming.  Luckily I've not crashed and heeded their advice and guidance by observing their lives and how they handle things. So very grateful for staying aware and willing to make changes that don't serve me well any some say...hitting bottom..a point in our lives when what we were doing just isn't work for us and starts to work against us. Or as I like to say...Time for Reality Check, Smack...2 by 4 is about to hit you in the head...or is it Gibb's from NCSI coming with his hand to the back of my head?

Well time to move in and upon the thing though it's the best gift when one can give themselves an opportunity to make these important changes upon your own making without others telling you what you should do or need to loving stories I have been guided with which give one/myself the time to sort what will really work best for me.  I gently walk out the circus and into the wonderful world of the woods...bending and bowing with the winds.

As I take a moment longer this morning gratitude fills my heart and soul ever so thankful the walk is not alone both physically and spiritually. {bowing head}

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  1. speaking to single task at a time; centering...


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