Friday, January 16, 2015

Hitting the Road Today

So got a good hike in the woods yesterday, the sun was so fulfilling and the one point I stopped and stood still as the cool winds blew...honestly I felt  blessed to feel so alive. The Red Tails were out and about and the deer tracks...many playful spots of commotion.  While I was walking I had put out there the Question of what I would do next on the tipi. I'm keeping this painting all very graphic and simple it's hard enough to paint without having things look realistic... The answer came with put the jumping mouse in there...I was feeling it needed to have a bit of the black on the base lines and this worked out prefect.  I don't think we have jumping mice around here, but the mice we do have can jump. They just don't have big feet like these guys.

The jumping mice will go in a directions around on the light turquoises band.  I'm all excited. It feels good to have this flowing again...I knew the idea would come...their will be a repeated bands around the upper mid sections, then above that there will be the Sandhill cranes.   Might have a bit more details around the square cluster...that I'm waiting for inspiration to come.

Now today I've got a Doc appointment to deal with my Trigger Digit Finger or something like that it's called.  What ever it is it has stopped the ability to use my left hand correctly. Not good...their my tools. Need to have good a bit unsure but moving forward. 

After that I'm heading out to the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, I'll be have a solo exhibit and need to refresh my eye's on the place and chat with Melissa the Gallery know reassure my questions with the correct answers. A year ago I won the Best of Show at The Culture Stock Exhibit and now it's come around.  

While I'm there I'll need to visit with Cheryl Holz...we have some art talk to handle and year goal stuff to chat about. 

I'll head home and I know I'm going to be on Extroverted High as I will be heading into City to the Zhou Brothers Art Center...It's Third Friday, Heading out there with my Mentee, going to show here a good eyeful of Art Candy.

Well time to get the body moving from out behind the scene...really excited.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours