Thursday, January 01, 2015

Embracing the New Year...

Happy New Year Everyone,
May you embrace the struggles with the tried-true courage and strength to welcome a centering peace and balance in your life through out this year.

First band color is on....
I able to paint about a 6 ft section and then let it dry. Mainly because the shape and space. Sound a bit goofy but wanting for inspirations today for the next colors and design....these first two steps came to me but I have to wait for the next. Kind of odd but I'm really trying to listen to my gut on this or Good Orderly Direction.  Trying to think it through and envision it with the color.

I got a energy boast in the morning and tacked my Ill quarterly taxes so those are sent in and next is to pull out 2014 paper work and get gear for 2015...then press on.  I also cleaned my fish tank...I seen my house plans all dry and crying for water so this is the time of year I give them a blast anyways with good fish water...I guess I need more motivation...took plants wilting to do it.

The Husband and I watch a movie together and by 10:00 pm I was in bed...could make it but then at 12 or just before firecrackers and other loud sounds went off and Hank was in bed with us...He really doesn't like those sounds...Not like the chocolate lab-Louie who wasn't gun shy.

This is January 2015 piece from the Tack Down Tuesday Calendar...Embrace the White...really hard for me to do as I have a tendency to got darker.  This piece is sold and in Georgia now...found a good home. 

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