Sunday, December 28, 2014

Got some conditioning to do

So what if you were asked....What do you want to accomplish one year from now?

I draw a blank....This past year has been a great many awesome things happened and I didn't set out to accomplish any of them... My art work has been published a few time in some wonderful publications and I sold many works of art and taught many workshops on line classes and face to face classes. Purchased a tipi which I always wanted since I was very little..lead to a contact with a Native American woman author...which I received prayer to say in the tipi.  So grateful for all this...but I didn't want to accomplish it...I guess I had it in motion most of this just like this year...I've got some workshops lined up and classes set along with a few exhibit opportunities. Many different way to end and start the new year.

There is something to be said about where do I want to head this year ...what needs my attention and what changes might I need to make.

First thing is a good doctors appointment...not had one in four years. From there I will be making some changes I'm sure...been trying to put some of them into action already.  I've got some pain in areas that are hindering some of  my art activities...My left hand some fingers are not bending and are sore...has Arthur stepped in?

So I'm going on a hunch and intuition...the words Balance of life, living and loving keep popping up in my head. I'm not doing any art fairs this year but my Outdoor Studio Exhibit in September...I've decided to take the year off.

The push to accomplish a career has been...and I guess the chase doesn't excitement anymore...though creating and expressing through my art is still present the band wagon run isn't as important as it was before.

I'm shoving back right of more balance and answering to a different Quest...

Facing my own reality... my life...acceptance of the whole lot I have and grateful for it I have to begin where I am...So if I'm seeking more balance in my life...How will it move me forward?  So I have to do this...see what Forward means- moving towards the future or towards a more advance state or condition.  There were two other meanings but this is one spoke to me..

So moving toward an advanced state and condition...more balance in my life and more meaning to my life...not drastic just a state of mind first and action should follow.

 So got some conditioning to do...

I'm going to leave it at this for now...

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