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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

From one side to the other Yesterday...

I had this collage meditation ready to go yesterday morning...I received some lovely papers in blues and greens and was inspired to try that combo out for a morning collage..Feeling very tower-ish yesterday...or looking at what the day had going for me...building upon each experience...not sure but after I completed the collage in my sketchbook I went to the computer to load it on and well I hit the button for a "New Chrome update"  got sucker in and was instantly giving a virus...tried my darnest to delete but it sunk so deep so fast...I had to have The Husband take a look at it...he was not very happy to come home from hard day of work and sit behind my computer. Though he is the Man when it comes to things like this and he was able to take the right steps and get rid of it.. extra protection now is added..so I had the feeling of messing up all day hanging over my head...

 Sandhill crane stencils...
 Cutting out my stencil I need for the repeated patterns and started painting the crow on the front flap of the tipi door... and well the Cattails I want to put on are not working out, I will have to do a silk screen approach as of make separate stencils as I got all happy with how things were cutting and before I know it had a big hole...done cut out the leaves but it didn't work as expected...feeling a bit not accomplished with plans...I proceed to do my tack down Tuesday piece...which is always done on Monday afternoon..(my personal rules)  stuck with it and layered the heck out of it...Met the family as then were coming in from work and I was coming down stairs from the studio...cleaned up and trying hard to get a grip with the day.

I checked my emails....and there was a congratulations that I was accepted in the 3rd book in the series of Incite's  I submitted three and one made it this time...how cool is that...along with that two of my students who have become wonderful artists themselves also made it...Eve Ozer and Jeanne Osgood. As putting the day together I think it balanced itself out...I honestly was feeling defeated...so on to more paint of the tipi and writing my statement for this book. 


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours