Friday, December 12, 2014

Filling the Well...

I'm accepting of the time lately that I've not been in the studio, as filling the well....images, thoughts...insightful direction coming in and the calm of the moments.

What does spirituality have do with creating art, making art, and the direction ones art is expanding and contracting in?  Call it gathering, pondering,  wandering, seeking of good thoughts or just filling my personal well.

So words though they are my mountains sometime to use as self express,  books of others wisdom gentle present themselves for me to sit with...

How do you define Spiritual?  to become spiritual is to choose to do only those things that contribute meaning and healing to one's life.  (The Woman's Retreat Book-Jennifer Louden, gifted to me by a dear spiritual friend)

Walking in the woods
Reading Spiritual books
Releasing and exhaling on the page with a pen every morning
Sharing deep conversation with like minded people
Self expression through art
Eating good whole foods exciting the taste buds
Listening to a variety of music that stirs my inner core.
Having intimacy of laughter with loved ones.

Yesterday I found in my book club group the discussion about prayer lead to what comes next and that was has to quiet themselves long enough to listen.   For some of us that listening comes meditation...but for others (myself)  it is done through a repetitive behavior that soothes the chatter of on going and circling thoughts.    From my personal experience when I start walking in the woods  I noticed it takes about 1/3 of the path I walk  to regain and  find my personal rhythm. I didn't realizes this till yesterday while sharing.  The chatter in my head and becoming present in the moment  is when answers for prayers come. This has me questioning the sounds and movements of African dancers repeating their dance and how spiritual it becomes and how if doing it or even watching it you are brought to a present state of oneness?

Or how about when one learns prayers from their chosen religion and they repeat them again and again...a  pattern forms as they put themselves in a state of prayer-seeking oneness.

I've used other methods of  mundane tasks work around the house...a repeated behavior which sounds so simple  but brings me to the moment of oneness...

As I said before on a few post back....the passion to dig deep or be introspective as the season of Fall comes to an end and we begin soon with the winter season....has me reconnecting spiritually.

So no art today...a collage of thoughts to bring home to the heart and a resting time. 


  1. I find your words very heartfelt- this subject of spirituality is one that was been discussed on the journal group on Facebook that I am part of. Orly Avinera, the one that started the group posted this yesterday and it has generated much talk. I feel very spiritual but the definition is so different for many of us. I follow no religious dogma- for me going to church mean hiking in the Superior National Forest with the view of that magnificant lake. I love the woods I live in and am blessed to have this. I so look forward to Solstice.

  2. Your are very fortunate Terry to be there...your place in the I shared that's my church or spiritual retreat.


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