Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Changes for artists or what did I get hooked in...?

I never follow the direction....some how I  don't connect correctly or I choose to find a different way...and then sometimes I end up doing it the way your suppose to do it...

I never got a Facebook Page, I only have a Facebook profile account with timeline and I thought that was enough to keep track of.  I wonder....about this all this concern..if it's a really thing or what.

Sounds like to me the way to make money for what ever you are selling or service we are all going to need to be super savoy with our marketing...or call it manipulation of our words more to find the loop holes to keep doing what we do as artists, entrepreneurs etc.   Get a Facebook page...get your business on Facebook. And now I guess come January 2015 things are to change with how it's all to be presented and marketed. Or did I just get hooked into some drama....not sure, I might be stuck in some foolishness...but I'll keep sending things out and be aware of what's going on...do some research and look into my Facebook account stuff...I never really read anyways...time to school up...but this site was shared  Making a Mark....

Going to my Art Tribe meeting tonight so I'm thinking there might be talk about it... being we are all on the computer these days...marketing ourselves and promoting what we do and the services and everyone wants a cut...from your own website, your emails service...the cable company that brings the service into your home...Yikes... and the final words are you mean to say you want $ amount for that piece of art???? this stuff just makes me want to go walk in the woods...and not think about it...

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