Sunday, November 23, 2014

seeps in and what leaks out

Fall is a time for me and many other to go in...prepare for the winter month but also time for some introspective work...

I've been keeping up with my morning pages/ journaling and a bit of spiritual reading and inspiration reading, sets the tone for the day.

I receive information like all of us somewhere I signed up for something...Oh I know what it was the flute maker at Dillman's.  He shared his experience of where and what he's doing and a movie coming out soon that his flute music will be exciting.  Well the movie is from a book, author Kent Nerburn wrote awhile ago, "Neither Wolf nor Dog and well I did my Google research and found some other books by the author and I received them and well I'm delighted to have them in my library of book for Spiritual Vitamins.  I find I need it more then every before...attitudes can so quickly go south that one has to work harder to keep them above the influence of what comes so easy as complaining about our lot in life...I really don't want to look at life that way...

I purchased some art from fellow artist last night at an open studio event...I've wanted to have some of theses artist work for awhile and I feel it's like checking off a bucket list...more so a mental one that I've had for awhile...I have my work all over the homestead but it's nice to have others works that inspire me about them as artist and their experiences in self-expression and really I want to see more beauty... around me.

Spot ramblings...and staying in the moment...or rattling some task work off... seem to be this morning, in preparing for some the big feast.

I was able to clean my studio and put away class and workshop supplies...and I coated tons of papers that I've been making for demo's and not sure what I will use them for but always good to build up my palette of coated papers.  It feels good to have a clean studio space..I may have a few coming up stairs on Thanksgiving day that would like to see the space I work in.

I  have one turkey cooked (and frozen again so it keeps well) and now the other one is in the refrigerator thawing...the Husband helped me cut the first one up yesterday too that was nice..he usually carves the main one on Thanksgiving.

Bills are paid..I know... what is that about...but keeping track of both the homesteads and the art business-it could be a good hour or so a nice sense of accomplishment.

Well all part of never knows what seeps in and what leaks out and how it's all going be used...Last night I share with one of my Art Tribe Gals and said I'm not doing art fairs this it a break and only doing my Outdoor studio Exhibit...changing things up..or twisting things up might be more like it...I shared with my mentor this morning I want to give more space in my life...seems there's not much of that..always doing...I would like some breathing room to ponder more and play the Philosophical role I always wanted to...One of Julia Cameron's things... List five lives you would like to be..or something like that.

With that I'll end with what My Rock Wisdom has for me...."Name it. It's Yours."  how cool...didn't realize how this all fits...till now.


  1. NICE thoughts! I agree with putting thing you love around ART, Photos, etc!

  2. continuing the journey how about you?


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