Monday, November 24, 2014

Detour into a new world.....where does inspiration comes from?

So it's about 8:45 and I've been sitting behind my computer way to long but I have to say it's not been wasted time.  I have been enjoy a year of  splashes of inspirations and clues to allow myself a deeper connection to living a joyful life...Now my family may thing I'm a bit goofy. So?  not hurting a soul, in fact I feel I'm enriching my own. Just as my journey with the tipi and all that has come from that an is still adding a wonderful spice to my life. I'm feeling drawn to this book and be it whim a wondrous one at that. I'm a slow read I say all the time, what happens is my mind is off  on other things and I don't allow myself the time to be present in the moment with what I'm doing so I think that is the key here lately...  


I have many things to do to prepare for my family and friends but making a connection like this is dear to my heart....who knows where it will lead...but after watching this Video about the creation of the book through writing and drawing of the images...I love the part where Colin shares why...and I think all beings that are in tune to their creative side can address this with a big Yes!

He says something to he effect of  "something is missing in the world and that you can create," my words are to "connection us and helps us understand and the feeling of belonging...through the art of the visual, the written and the imaginary parts."

 off and on with the, post office and a bit of cleaning, chopping and preparing some foods..and might I add,  living and loving the dream of being a creative human being...

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  1. Looks like a beautiful book; I'll have to watch the video...thanks Laura.


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