Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Time in the studio yesterday finishing up weekend workshop pieces

Sweet Ride
8 x 8 collage assemblage. 

              On the second day of the workshop the night before I took the Blick wood panels...prepared them for the next day..

Which I used the 1 5/8 size and paint the backs a butter color and then taped off the area to create a dark frame...and had them ready for the second day.  I love doing assemblage and dabble in it now and then..With making these smaller collages in Crystal's workshop the idea came to put them in a shadow box and then i could add more to it...and with the idea from Lynn Whipple.  ( think she  has a online class starting soon with these collage assemblages going on...I just had to see if I could create something like that...Not sure how she did her but I was off and running with this...every have those moments when...you just have to flow it and see where it goes? 

"Our supplies in the bag"
9 x 9 collage assemblage 
Crystal has a black gesso'd canvas ready for each of us on the second day and using what we had learned from the day before and the morning demo's we all went in to play mode I would say and created... Thinking of the Project that is coming around again...Pack the Pantry at If These Walls Could Talk Gallery  The bag handle is something that always speaks to me so I was on a mission to get it work together...I had the handle on the top but when I came home I was not digging it so I took it off and but it in the spot that its in now...and with interest I cocked it just a bit. I have to see if I can drop it off this Friday...I hope so because my schedule is getting full. 

Counting Money  8 x 8 collage assemblage

Here's the second one I was working...I didn't use the carpet tacks like the other one..it was calling for a bit more bling.  as the little watch part bottles I used in the bottom right corner have a shinny top I thought to repeat that on the turn buttons..which by the way are used for the back of framing art instead of the front...Well at this point it works.

Side view to see the depth of the piece and the glare...not a photography for sure but at least you get the idea. I had plexi-glass on it but this is a really piece of glass now on both them...took the risk and went for it.

Got some things piling up in front of me here as of paperwork for the art biz side of things...must make a dent in them today and walk in the woods...


  1. Love the $$$ piece, and the supplies in the bag. It amazes me how you come up with all these wonderful ideas. I often struggle with that...and then sometimes it just happens

    1. that's right Bonnie sometimes it just happens...I would trust in the sometime happening more..for you..I see it in your work, awesome lady.

  2. Replies
    1. And I'm going say to all this Thank You Good Orderly Direction...great creative one in the sky...God extra....


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