Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My photo of the first totem

My totem....and I'm not sure of the name of this piece but right now it's "My totem"  I'm going to try to bring into my class today to show them.  When I look at the top...the message I'm receiving is seek the good orderly direction...and then next section with the woman's face, Be true to yourselves, or know thyself, the third section down is to remind me where I find my spiritual guidance, in nature...and The largest section with the hands and the crow is about...trust your intuition it's not stirred you wrong and that life has a way of restoring all back into balance.

1-Seek Good Orderly Direction
2-Know, be true and honor thyself
3-Spiritual guidance comes from nature.
4-Trust my gut, intuition and have faith it will all be restored to balance.

OK time to get read for the day.


  1. Really interesting!

  2. Love your totem... such good thoughts to start the day... and every day. I hope your collage workshop goes well too.


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