Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just some's

 So not sure if you can see it or not...but next to the bookshelf is the first one and the second totem pieces.  And then the long tall frame that the first one will go into. With Randy's help, (he built the frame for me) I'll sand it down smooth as I can and paint it black, satin clear it and then put it together...there will be space between the wood panel sections...that's the plan again.. not sure when I'll find time but some how it gets done. I just keep putting things on the list to do...

 This is an image from a magazine... and I found ....when I see these I just can't help but feel connected...or let say reconnected. I know there Cairns and to be left for directional means and long ago the Inuit or nomadic tribes would left Inukshuks for the same reason...It's it I'm always looking for direction or which way to go now after I've finished a project or a job on the list. Seems to be, well what ever works right...use and don't abuse it.

I almost forgot that my oldest Daughter gave me this for Mothers Day...How cool is that?

Lastly...Hank did it skunked..a mouthful this time...
so glad this happens after the gal came for book club...hope it's gone by next month....the smell in the house that's so bad that we bring it with us...I wan't a button that says....My Dog did it again...Got Skunked?   then people will understand when the smell it around you..not much to do but let it flow  away..Window were open all night with the furnace on...crazy I know... We can wash things and it still smells.  What can I say...we are use to this...darn I say.


  1. Laura, just to the right of the "Randy-Frame" there's what looks like a small sectional something that has papers lying flat in it. What is that and how was it made/where did you get it? Looks incredibly useful.

    1. that's a Drying Rack that some years ago...can't remember if it was blick or some other art supply store...


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