Friday, October 24, 2014

Colors of Wind

I had to run my one daughter to the train station this morning at 5:30am  it's a bit dark then...but it's also kind of cool not many people are out then.  So when I got back I quickly made a collage sketch...

  I've got an Artists Open tend today from 1-9 pm...  And then tomorrow from 10-4pm  New experience but it seems I've been exploring new experiences lately.

Yesterday I made to the woods and brought my Ipod and listened to Native American flute music as I walked.  It was wonderful the sun so warm and the winds bending the tree tops and the shower of leaves dance their way down.  Depending on the tree and the shape of the leaves they danced differently as the floated and rolled to the ground. I feel I was living the Pocahontas movie... with Grandmother Willow and the Colors of the Wind....I do love the wind and how it moves in and around me...Being a Gemini, a Air wonder...

For a moment I share this video clip...

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