Thursday, October 16, 2014

have I run out of things to say?

I'm very blessed to be doing and creating and sharing the things I love to do - collage, and mixed media works and all the how's too's that I know of. And this morning I received Hugs and good luck wishes as I'll be heading out only a few hours away but I'll be away from home for a few nights. Teaching a workshop for a group of ladies...again the Idea came in and all got aligned and there is a collage workshop full this weekend.

I've been busy all over the place...trying to keep plates spinning...any different then before...not really only that I'm wondering how long plates like this can spin?

Having the freedom as I do...which I don't want to sound all high and might or filled with's just hard to say No to myself....I have loves and wants and have had them for along time...and with experience the wants have been filled...which is kind of scary...or I just might be spoiled?   That could be too...or the obsessive qualities embedded in me stepped in...

Any ways I woke up this morning and the words came flooding out of my mind..." Your Living the Dream...that's all"

I'm very grateful and thankful for how prayers and ideas are manifesting themselves around me...I pray to hold up my end now and present a good workshop for these women and that they enjoy themselves.

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