Sunday, October 26, 2014

Had a chat with my Mentor

Well yesterday morning unexpectedly I received a call from my Mentor (as you can tell I'm taking pride in mentioning I have a mentor) ....trying hard to not make it all about me...I do fail that one awfully....seems I'm always rambling about me and what I'm afraid to do or what I have to do or what I would like to do... Luckily she gets me...well I think?

Conversation traveled around a bit and we shared about the book "World Enough and Time"...which I'm just working my way through the beginning parts...takes me forever but I do get through these heavier reads... what came up though is this....

| fōmō |


a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

• Evolutionary biology - an omnipresent anxiety brought on by our cognitive ability to recognize potential opportunities: The brothers had last-slice fomo as they stared at what was left of pizza.

• (with subject) desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.

• A form of social anxiety - a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites.


I shared this with my second oldest daughter and she said.."that's why people cling to Facebook and social media and their cell phones....the Fear of Missing Out. (Gee wiz....didn't I know that?  No but now I do)
A whole new way to be addicted to something...repeated behavior again fear feed us to do something so natural...we want to belong as Brene' Brown shares in her books...

As an artist this is the hardest thing... as of you don't jump on it you will miss an opportunity which...yes that could happen but in the big picture...that's false... there is a time for everything and everything has it's time. The Treespirited Women God's time... I can see how this has been created by our social media though...and I'm right there with it and fighting it the whole time.

I get out there and become part of what ever that something is-opportunity and it's like it takes a life of it's own...and with out knowing it you making sure you're not missing things and what it is as I see it and call it, is chasing the fame dragon.... I know my mentor has walked a similar path and shares insight on areas where I might want to caution and not make some wrong turns....seeking Good Orderly Directions might be the answer...

There's a certain amount that one has to any business but then in all things there is a balance that has to be maintained to each one of our own place of peace and comfort.
Rambling and loving the understanding of it..and the shared wisdom of a mentor...wishing her the most of an experience with her camera and creative graceful heart...

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