Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grateful Gift

An artist friend...sent me an email and asked if I wanted some leather...not knowing how much and what the colors etc. and then I opened the box's and was floored....
The Green Leather Journal I made along time ago with Michelle D. from Artful Gatherings and the other one is buffalo hide and it's soft and floppy..which I love when I hold in my hand.
Some day when I can't haul stuff around any more I'm going to move into making journals I think...Listen to me planning my future....better watch it...the big man upstairs is going to be laughing at me. 


  1. Hi,very beautiful the note-books,fantastic work!!!

  2. I'm with you about planning ahead. I took up beaded jewellery for when I can't haul paintings and stuff around.

    1. Got to have a plan...or a bit of preparing...makes a girl feel a slight bit in control of things...Aha?


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