Friday, October 03, 2014

Finaly posting from my class Tuesday

 Have you every had one of the idea moments at 2:00 am?  each week after making out palette of papers I've been introducing the class to different substrates to work's a good way to find out what you really like to work on with the collage process. So the Red Roofs were my 2:00 am idea...I had already prepared a collection of tar paper substrates with the white tape, Scotch #3051 and coated them with polymer medium.  So I gave them to the students with a piece of my red paper, small mind you...there 6 x 6 squares with a 2" tape all the way around.  The way an individual tears the roof will direct the character of the house....well that's what I felt would happen, because I've experience it myself with my own series and to see it happen with the class was wonderful and everyone had funny with it and learned about the substrate and cutting the tape off.

 Cindy here is work on an inspirational is the freedom of the class to invite you own visual style...I encourage that I hope. So can't wait to see where these all go...Last week we worked on Brown Paper bags...

 Laureen is executing a wonderful likeness of a postcard she is attracted to...using tissue papers mostly with the black background of the tar paper.

 Karen, has some wonderful textural papers with a cool them and the pop of the red papers.  Loving her visual voice.

 Michael Barnes,  has a mission to learn the collage method and image as you can see here...he's in the thick of it on the tar paper.

 Linda is exploring the sponge roller and softening and pushing back a stronger value papers. Techniques I share with them earlier in the day.

 Maureen is laying out a nice composition, deciding if she wants to allow the papers to bleed out on the bottom and top...or to leave more black of the tar paper showing.

This is my little Red Roof ditty... kind of blurry but there is nice personality to it.

I've been wanting to get to the blog and post this stuff for some time know...Yes caught in the illusion I'm a great multi-tasker....only fooling myself. Off to focus on something else now...Yes got a bit of attention disorder too...all good stuff that makes me a who I am...

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