Sunday, October 19, 2014

Collage-Intuitive Process Janesville WI

 Our big room... that Linda and Carole, set up for us all.
 Everyone is just coming in and setting up.
 Sue is in process here working on her papers.
 Bonnie busy creating some collage papers... She was just enjoy being away
 Dawn was in the Cloth Paper Scissors April/May issue if you have it she got an article about creating with pop Cans she cut the cans and to shapes and nails them down and from what I seen they are wonderful piece of art.

 Gail was a paper making machine back there...she had her table full of wonderful papers.
Carole along with Linda Help get the ball rolling on the Workshop, We even had lunch brought in...busy ladies.

 Renee, Linda's daughter had her hands busy...never did collage before and she just became a natural at it.
 Rita, right up and front just took this all like nothing...she was really enjoying it...and thanks to her husband...what a dear soul as he supported her and bought a ton of baby the big ware house store...
 When I could remember I took a few pictures...but we where busy all day.

 Linda what a trouper she is...a little dynamite of a woman...just poured herself into creating...what a passionate woman.
 Mary was in heaven I think...she just never stopped.

Here we all are... back row...Sue, Mary, Rita, Dawn, myself, Second row, Gail, Linda, Bonnie and Carole. What a great place lots of room and good lighting and wonderful people a winning combination. 


  1. Looks like such fun! I love the long, narrow artworks they did and also you totem Laura! It's giving me idea!!


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