Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Collage Demo from Class

This collage is 4 x 14 on watercolor paper, with gesso magazine page, newspaper painted, tissue paper and a painted image transfer. I've got some gestural line there under the image transfer. I shared about collaging on canvas and wood panels and how you have to prepare the surface and then I went to talk about the image transfer and creating transparency for you reference.  I would a bit on it and walk around then add see what everyone else was doing and then came back and did a bit more.. 


  1. Lovely image Laura.

    1. Thanks Jo....ideas are floating around as to create a class...not on line yet..

  2. I love this piece as much as the skateboard collage that we traded for jewelry many years ago. Your work is amazing. In case you don't remember me, my name is Cory from Arizona.

  3. Hi Cory...Yes I do remember you and I have my necklace and still wear it...get complements all the time. Thanks for the visit.


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