Saturday, September 13, 2014

Working it till you know it or till your bored.

 Starting Monday at Mayslake I have a class staring, Abstract Landscapes  through collage.  I'm having the students bring in images or photos of a landscape they like...above I've shared this one many times..this is a walk in the woods and well I keep pulling inspiration from it...I had paper already made in my stock/palette I've built up for the last couple of months. You can see the main landscape that I was inspired by and the color that seemed the most strongest out there or shall I say jumped out at me. Because of the late winter melted off and the early spring the colors of spring just didn't pop yet so the grey hue was still upon the woods.

 On one of my Monday afternoon visual spill of creativity I created this piece as a test run to see if I could use the images I gathered and create a piece of became a Tack Down Tuesday and Sold...I was happy with it and very happy to know it went to you young creative type too.

 Then I had gotten into the thing with tar paper and wanted to see what would happen if I made a abstract landscape on the tar paper with my landscape images sheet for inspirations and well pleased with the direction it headed in...tried different shapes and well I feel successful with it.

 Now with the class starting up on Monday as I stated before I need to be more confident about this approach and I torn out of magazines the colors and some what the textures for a collage sketch and well this is totally different then the ones before...which is good I feel. I personal want to push  and stretch the problem to be solved is to keep recreating a feeling and landscape and a moment as many ways as I can....well it seems to be working that way.

I reverted back to a horizontal format with this one like the second one done on the tar paper...It's great to do this short collage meditation in the morning...seems between the journal writing...a few wisdom words, some yoga and meditation like this I'm ready to go for the day...

well later I hope to write something up but if I don't...I think I do now understand this whole lot better..and there are parts in each one of this that I like and there's parts that just don't work for me but that's the beauty of art...being the process. 

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