Saturday, September 27, 2014

Self motivating...

Every morning I wake up and do my morning pages in my journal and of course there a ramble of words...rants and raves...and then there's the gratitude which moves to the heart of the matter...direction for the day seeking guidance.

When I teach classes I'm moving tubs up and down stairs so then I've got to make room for that in the studio...and after the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and then moving into a art fair a few weeks after that and teaching two class...Rambling now....I've managed to get two pieces into the photographer and two prints each done of the work, uploaded it to the website but I've not gotten into studio and back into my own personal project/ hopefully this day I can get things in motion there.

After watching Paul Klien's Video....I was inspired to do of get 20 hours a week in on my own work...Big challenge....I've hear and inspired by many artist to put your time in as of 10,000 hours...I wonder have I done that yet? 16 years say at a hour a day is only...5840 hours.......that leaves 4160 hours to go...well not sure but I'm going to move forward in that direction.

Keeping yourself motivated and executing your visions are something to be worked at each day...small steps and small actions tally up the hours.

On with the day....centering, grounding, with great courage and guidance...seeking good orderly direction. 

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