Friday, September 19, 2014

Every Morning this week I asked....and today I received....

Stuck on the question I asked a few days ago..."What is the hardest thing about being a woman artist?" well every morning a different answer came to mind....trying not to be negative cause god knows we have enough of that going on.  I then think what got me thinking that way in the first place to ask what is the hardest thing us women artist have to go through....and why should it be separated?

From "Trusting the Process" Shaun McNiff
quote from the book-Everything depends upon the quality of attention you bring to experience. as a way of beginning, I suggest becoming a witness to you life as you live it....

Become a witness to your life as you live it, and pay attention is another point I'm catching there.

Quote,  "Everything we do finds it's way into our creations"  so many times I've realized, that having the family all around with their needs I've learned how to work in segments or small lots of time so thinking that I needed to have days to work on stuff the distraction times taught me if I wanted to do it so badly then doing it in segments was what I had and to accept that and work with it.  And to go back to the statement above that all this dailiness which I've know for so long does find it's way in my work...emotional mostly and express with the basic elements of design.

I'm Loving this sentence- So much of art involves moving materials that already exist into new relationships with one another. As a woman working with our families and all the different personalities give rises to a wonderful foundation as a resource for out work.  It already exist we just make new connection and understandings of it.

a segment in the chapter- All the things in our physical environment are potentially capable of contributing to aesthetic interactions, but their effects will be determined by our ability to engage them. What we see and what we create are determined by what we bring to our relationships with the world.
   The greatest opportunities for creative transformation are often lodged in our discontents. Art is an alchemical process that feeds on emotional energy....So of course there more to read and understand...

Then with the life I live I witness continually,  making connections and understanding and embracing with a full cup...learning to take an emotional state and expressing it through, on or with your chosen vehicle, pen, paper, paint, metal, words or song is so RAW...Real Awesome and Whole.

So when I ask this question which a wordsmithly kind might word differently...What is the hardest part about being a women artist?   I can take that and look at it each day and witness each day the hard parts and see where I can come to peace with the hard parts by looking at it with the alchemy of life, the tangle parts that some how make it so interesting and worth every bit of the hard I ask about.

further down the page...Creative transformation of stress gives you the opportunity to move out of the victim role that we often impose on ourselves. Consider writing an ode to the car that is torturing you with its constant needs for repair and it's unpredictability. What lessons can the car offer about life?  About how you handle stress? About what you do to yourself when faced with disappointments? Can the disturbing thing be the messenger that suggests another way of living?

So I guess with all my jibber jabber here I'm in the process again of accepting another part of life's wonderful lesson...lets say I know but I'm being reminded of it...Also just as much as I love to make the connection on a surface of some kind of substrate with my are I so purely enjoy it in life too..and bring it back into what every I'm in the process of working on...circling around and around in a good way instead of feeling like I'm a wandering fool...and making no sense of it....I just keep going around and well find my way...

Yesterday I celebrated with reading this book in the tipi and then the dogs and I took an afternoon awesome!

Oh some else I want to finish this book and possible some day read it again but I was made aware of another book-World Enough & Time by two mentor and an dear artist friend so need to get my reading moving faster here so I can get all goofy in another book. 

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