Friday, September 12, 2014

Catching up on things....

Wow...where do days go....lately they have been flying by....trying to regain a bit of balance with life.  I was just sharing with a friend yesterday about when we add something in how it consume us and all the other stuff goes on the wayside...natural.  Then to get it back into a more manageable feeling and arena one almost needs to focus and fight to get it back..

But back to what?   does it every go back to the way it was when you left it?  I'm not sure....I know that the daily chores help me regain a bit of balance and taking some much needed time for re connection on a spiritual side of things. I've not been walking in the woods lately as much as I did say a year ago...things change and the mind, body and soul seem to be calling for yoga.  With working outside yesterday in my yard and raking leaves and cutting of the lawn...I'm surrounded by nature and even was delighted to see a healthy coyote at 12 noon running out of the cattails across someone yard.  Soon I'll be hearing the Sandhill Cranes too.

I've been sitting behind my computer writing up descriptions for workshops and classes and getting things all in order for the two classes I have going...then I get the Professional Artist magazine and a they share about using all these soft social media sites...So with what time we decide to take...a little or a lot it is where this world is going to as of communication and seeing more things out there in world.  I feel I fight it... the thing is that we each  have to find what fits for us...trying to do it all and some are better at it then others is a tough thing...I tried to get going on twitter but found out now I've got to twitter accounts or something...which I'll need time to sort and that time right now isn't as important to getting ready for a it will sit on the way side.  Then I have my daughter sharing I should get on instagram....and share photo's there...Oh isn't that what Pinterest was about?

Well not complaining just giving it a shot and it's not fitting in as easy as I some day when I have nothing to do or I want to numb out...I'll come back to it I guess...but I've also heard do what seems to fit you needs and focus in on that.

I have a art reception to tend tonight so I'll need to get my act's out by the Fine Line Creative Art Center...

nice long drive....but in a beautiful part of St. Charles...

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