Friday, August 22, 2014

Trusting in the process, turn the rock over

 Well what happened this morning  instead of yoga is this....different from of mediation, I thought I would do a collage this morning with the Vogue magazine images and pages I torn out but next thing I knew I was planning for my next on-line class.    Here I cut out from a white magazine page view finders, one square (which I love) and one rectangle. Here you see them turned over because it's hard to see them on the white surface of the sketch book journal.

 For my class I will have every cut them from something a bit thicker then the magazine itself...even a cereal box would be better...less chance of ripping.

So here's an ad for a Colemen gas grill. and of course I was attracted to the rocks at the bottom.  Not know if this image would work I went for it any ways.  Now there are more composition then just this one but I'm just going to share the possibilities of what can happen. Being that I like to work from a inner intuitive process and pull images from around me and then bring them in and roll around with them and spill them out in new configurations or compositions this feels great and right up my alley creativity.  But not for everyone as some people need to have to follow the image completely in front of them and can sway one side or the other to obscure in any way.

 So single out this composition and it answers to my liking of shapes, lines, value and colors...but I'm going to work with a black and white to grey value...

 Just because I could bring it a quick little program...picture it...I draw some lines in there to disquest shapes better and break it down in sorts to it's simplest forms.

Here I've turned my composition up side down...a whole new perspective or View.  New possibilities too. 

So this is my first view at my composition from the view finder above.  I could follow the image to a tee I guess but as I start...something happens and it speaks louder then the image I'm viewing and I answers back to what if I didn't do it that way and instead put the lines close together and well with a few other questioned asked while in the process other choices were made and the place where I started with a view finder has branched out to this rocky composition...of course it's with magazines, glue stick on a sketchbook.  I was really excited about this little journey I took though. 

Then with the other directions of the view finder and image from the magazine I turned it up side down and use that view as a spring board for this...each way I do this I'm understanding at a deeper level of how the elements are relating to each other and the freedom to allow intuitive creative sparks to direction my choices and see what else or what if will happen if I place things differently. 

These are not to be master pieces...only collage sketches...some parts many work and some parts many not but if one never gives it a try how will they know what if and also empower yourself with the karma of creating...the cause and effect.  What a wonderful place to take a risk and ask questions...Letting go and trusting the process. 

Well this consumed my morning...came right in and snatched me away from 6am till now 8:15 which I'm so grateful for I  have a better understanding of what I would like to share and teach...

From the very first view I saw with the rocks...I was brought to the thought of finding rock for real when I was a kid and always curious what I might find if I turned one over....Life is usually what I saw... in some form or it a bug or a earthworm or evidence of a little being. 

Composition 3 from this study of the View finding exercise....I'm on a roll...but do need to stop, it truly is fun to see where you can go with it...break it down and build it back up in your own way... and watch for New Views of Composition reveal themselves. 


  1. I know what happens when you begin something like this. Time flies, and you are still playing when it's time for lunch. Wonderful stuff!

    1. it's grand isn't it Jo when we let ourselves do it....

  2. Laura, just got off the back of bobs bike. Must take a shower and get to bed. Had to check your blog. There are hundreds of words I want to type right many emotions and ideas that the sharing of your process has brought forth in me...but I suck at typing, it's late and I love you. More tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration, friend.

    1. Glad to hear you both venture out...good for you both. talk soon

  3. oh goodie; love all these exercises that turn into something wonderful!

    1. Do you love this kind of Drama ?


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