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Friday, August 15, 2014

Traffic sounds.....

 See the line papers there in this magazine paper I tore out and used in my second sketch....the first sketch is the post note.  Well the papers I liked a lot...the lines and meeting points.

 I had to share this photo sent to me by a dear friend and artist, who is the head of her art department down in Georgia....if you had an art teacher like this in High School...I don't think I would want to leave at all...truth is I never wanted to leave my art high school studio rooms...

 This is a third sketch that came to me and the piece I'm making is still evolving...not sure it wants to be something a sculptural as this sketch...but maybe the next one...not sure.

I keep thinking it's me....so excited to be sleeping in the tipi I can't go to sleep...and well no natural sounds don't bother me...crickets singing away or coyotes howling but it's the traffic sounds that I just can't get over how much there is....You can get a peek at the tipi at night...I just plugged in the lights and you can see the plastic I laid down for the mattress and the stools stacked in there for a gathering...which by the way I'm waiting for a nudge on when that will be....its really cool to lay there and be in this circle and when the lights where out I could see the stars last night out the vent hole.  It was a bit cold but I snuggled up and tried to sleep...  Much to do today as I've got to keep getting things prepared for the exhibit....grateful I work small steps at a time...and tonight I'll be heading over to Zhou B.Art Center to see Tania's and Nancy's work hanging in 4Art inc. should be a great night....anyone want to go with me?   


  1. The tipi looks SO inviting....but I don't know whether I'd feel secure sleeping outside. Of course you have Hank around to keep an eye on you.

  2. What a fun teacher! The kids should love her...and love art! Your tent looks so pretty all lit up!

  3. Jo, I have a fenced in back yard, no one has bothered so far...And April, Yes I do agree.


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