Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Small steps forward

Somethings have been put in fast mode lately....because I've really only got a few weeks to prepare for them. Secretly I love this...but on the outside I looking a bit crazied, and ramble a whole lot as I walk around the house...seems I can keep things straight up there and the fear of forgetting what I was doing and need yet still to do obsessive my circling thought....You're probable thinking Oh know here she goes on one of her misunderstanding moments but it's not....Energy is high and on the excited mode.  Taking experience from pass and really using the heck out of it.  I'm breaking it down into daily manageable steps that I can do each day without out pushing the "gone over the edge" button.

I finished the last four covers for the 15 journals I want to have ready for the Studio exhibit and I've started to stitch them together at night while I watch a bit of reruns....or some kind of Car show the husband has on.  Two done last night...takes about an good hour to stitch them up.  So I'll should have them all finished by the weekend or maybe mid, next week.

Post cards and my Tack Down Tuesday calendars are order. I like to have them ready for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit.

Well off to do some centering....


  1. Busy, busy, busy.....but at least you are sleeping in the tipi.

  2. Yes that is true Jo...How's you pool?


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