Monday, August 04, 2014

Running and checking the list today

I started with being woke up in my tipi by my husband....didn't have my alarm. He didn't want to sleep with me because while I was gone up in Door County our four legged friends kept waking him he wanted to get a good nights sleep....but me I didn't it...I final slept in my tipi.

It was kind of wild as the crickets I hear all the time because I sleep right next to the window and it's a comment sound.  But the car traffic and new neighbors was something new to get use to listening.

I have to admit I had some fear...mainly if the skunks got in the back yard as they sometimes do and we connected so it took me a while to get settle in...then I toss a few times but sleep well in between.

Been trying to catch up on things...ha, ha, ha...that's a joke right...when do you ever get  caught up.
I have put a good dent in it though..well off to do more.

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