Thursday, August 14, 2014

Never miss a chance you hush up?

Well as I said the homestead is pretty quiet...people coming and heading to their private spaces so that is now around dinner time but prior to that now one was home so I went to the woods...Greene Valley...didn't climb the big hill, not open till the weekends but did walk the main trail...The mind was full of chatter and I had to walk a bit before I could really listen...not much but I was caught with movement and followed that. Then as I got into the old woods area I heard it...the wind through the different trees. The wounds were very different as it went through the Cottonwoods to the Oaks...and then the Honey Locus trees with the fans of repeated shapes branching out....There were moments that I actually stopped to here if I could hear anyone come up the pea gravel...but just my hearing playing games with me...I was into the 3rd mile when my one hip started talking up....I heard that and had to tighten the stomach muscles so that weight would be off it and pulled up...Every once in a while I have a bout of this..and the next day I can go walking and have no pain and do a good 4 miles.

I drove home after stopping in to the art was hard to listen to the directory there as her finger and mind were into the computer and then phones where ringing...time to say hi and good bye but first walked into the studio space and checked it out and the new sink area which is will be nice to clean up tools in a well light room.

When I got home, had some lunch but was at a loss...direction..I wanted start this one book and read in the tipi but I didn't...went to the studio and didn't turn on the radio and just listened to the sounds outside, the  chimes and road noise. Completed the to image transfer I had set to do and then let them dry...grabbed some 8 x 8 wood panels and taped them off and painted them a mixture of brown black on the top and sides that were exposed.  i had enough paint left so I prepared a 10 x 24 and a 12 x 36 wood panels.
You can see the edge on the side that is dark...on the Ampersand board they have visible but the wood panels from Dick Blick you can do what you want to them but I do prepare them like this.

After I had all the chatter out of my listen a thought came in...Glory be...ha ha ha but really Everyone more I drain out all the garage I think going on in my head for the most part and then I like to fill it with good positive stuff from a few mediation books I have or from something new I want to learn about.   Like my Mentor...I only know this because she told me she has a pile of book too that are sitting and be shuffled around as needed.  So I grab a new one..."Trust the Process- An Artist guide to letting go."   by Shaun a few more of his ordered....some how with the way I'm drawn to teach there's a Art Therapy aspect to it all...the creativity process that is,  and I do work in process which is hard for most people till the give it a good try.

So many good things in there....I want to share but fingers will be really sore...and I've trailed off long enough.  

I didn't pull out all my work that needed to be proper present for the Outdoor Exhibit here really soon but I prepared some wood panels for some new works and to apply some other tack down's to...switch it up...

but I did get a chance after doing all that and lay in the tipi and it was a very good day...I've got plans to sleep in there tonight. 


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours