Sunday, August 03, 2014

My trip back home....from Door County

The shoreline that I seem to visit many times now and this time the rocks that are always so visible are under water. So I walked, found that the sweater was to much and took it off.  And then I took my glasses off so I could just let my face met that warm. As I walked I thought about going home....what a treat it is to be here alone walking the shore after a successful workshop and just such good peaceful people all around me....No negative any where.  The shore line is full of shells and barely can see the sand....I think it's all crushed shells at first but there's a mixture in spots.  I keep walking till I couldn't walk no more....because there was no more shore line...about maybe a half mile there and back...not far.

As you can see shoreline came to an end....but the rock formation has become it's own little village.
A lot of purple little flowers like this...growing from the cracks.

This reminded me of a very small version of the Cave in the Rock from Shawnee National Forest in Southern IL.
My last photo before the batteries when dead on the camera.

I took this little video to remind myself about the ebbs and flows of life and to hear...Listen and be present in the moments....

 I was invited to take a look on my way out and home at the workshop area at The Clearing and the last time I saw this...and got out and looked closer and wondered but felt that I was not allowed to step foot.  I've seen them before and The Center and a few other place have them....Labyrinth...which with my dyslexia is a bear to say...but being an solitary soulful mood I walked it...and sat,  As I came around to the opening I smelt it...." Sweet Grass"   I know that smell any where, I wished I could bottle it and wear it as perfume.

I took a picture of this so I ponder on it and maybe do it again some day....all this self care this past few days is such a blessing....

Now I'm going share....While I was here at The Clearing I was in the gift shop there and looked around and my eyes went to this little book...I love the title...and read a bit of the back and opened up and read a bit of page....then picked up another one and bought them both.   This whole time not realizing but I had put some thoughts out there or lets say a prayer, to guide me on a direction that I might going in if I had every decided to a woman's group or something like that...well at night I read this gem of a book and finished Saturday morning after doing my morning pages and felt like it would be a great place to start....and if I do or don't it's still a gem....I relate to another book, Gift from the Sea"

I'm home now an distraction of life are meeting at every turn....and wanting to be still in the woods and an along the shoreline...reality is, I was and had a very spirited and peaceful time that I want to protect but I know I really can and need to let it be and let it go as life in her ebbs and flows.


  1. I have had magical things happen in a labyrinth. That one looks so perfect. Glad you had that time in the woods, Dear Heart.

  2. Thanks Kim....still settling for me..first time.

  3. Laura, I loved the video. Reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents had a place in Michigan. I'd fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Something so magical about that sound.

  4. thank Mary, Great to hear from you...wish you well.


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