Sunday, August 10, 2014

Folding, poking and stitching....all day long

Yesterday...I settled into finishing up my task of making these journals. I had 15 sets of book board covers and had the covers collaged (pre-drilled holes) and I needed to fold the special box of business parchment paper I bought...all 500 sheets. And then put the folio's  into signature of 10. 5 signatures to a journal. Poked the holes and then began stitching them together...all 6 of them yesterday. Probably a total of 8 hours it took but I stretched it out all day long.  I sat outside on the back patio enjoying the sounds of the backyard and of the wind blowing throw the cottonwoods. The sounds of the Canadian Geese are starting to swirl around as the young ones this year are building muscle up for the long haul down south.

As I'm writing this out the husband walks by and look like something bothering you...Wow...has my concern for how things are going to prepare for the Outdoor Studio begun to wear on my face....not a good sign.  Need to work on that...There is no idea how anything will work out. Putting my best foot forward is all one can do... Let go and trust is my new motto...seems I'm needing that more these days.

I would like to create some big sheets of paper today...darn ideas keep flooding in on top of all the preparing going on...I can activate this and see what happens. I know I'll feel much better if I do that. 


  1. Let go and trust is a a very good motto as the new school year approaches.

  2. I agree Marta...did a bit of the letting go yesterday in the studio...felt so good.


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