Saturday, August 16, 2014

Artist Date Last Night

In June I asked the Indian Prairie Library if they would like one of my pieces.   I've had this piece hanging in my home for sometime and well with delight it's hanging in there now Second Floor children section.  The Silent Couple...all hand made papers from plant fibers and a final coat of bee's wax, made the frame myself and well so happy they accepted it.

I love the way the simple red lines push everything back and the values in this piece..another photo of Zhou Brothers works...more below...
 Went to the Zhou Bro. Art Center...four or is 5 floors of artists and studios and gallery's....Oh my!  that's right the 10th annual Self Portrait show and a few of my artist friends have work on exhibit there in the 4Art inc Gallery space. There was an exhibit of the Zhou Brothers work on display so I always love looking at it...this is one of them at caught my eye...and keeps my interests too...I think it was called "Dance in the Front Yard."
 My photos's are a bit jumbled here took them in my phone and transferred over this morning and they always come up funny...I came up one of the back stairs and there this exhibit of work was....Repetition one of my favors to see...and love the shadow effect that was playing off the wall here made the physical photo's even larger that she used. I believe it was an exhibit of her friends jewelry.

 Now I think this Zore's work or Mario Gonzalez Jr.  I took some picture of his work for my daughter that works now with inner city boys and well there from this environment of graffiti and tagging places and she asked them why the do it....for the risk of can move it to the wall on a piece of plywood extra and really make art with it...kind of interesting.
another image of Mario's work...."Top and Bottom"  I like the shapes and symbols and the material that is used. 

Now as I came up the stairs and saw this artist work then walked down the hall way to the main hall I looked around the corner and there was more...I was just in awe of its presentation.

I went to see Tania's work and Nancy's work in the 4Art Inc Gallery which I did and my last stop before heading home it was great to see them and their work hanging in there. 


  1. LOve the post! Amzing work!

  2. Hi
    thanks for stopping by...The work in the building is amazing and the energy is addictive. So cool to see it all.


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