Monday, August 25, 2014

After a good 5 hours in the studio

 So everything is tacked down and ready for the Glazing earlier this morning.   I have to say the Graphite Gray paint heavy body and  mixing it with the Glazing medium is very different then just straight up black with the paints. I even watered it down some to get it flow better but it's thick stuff.

Taking a break now and eating a late lunch...thinking about what some just told me last night..." Laura, you go and make your art." So following what a good friend advice.

 Close up section, you can see I've done some shadowing but it the fun part of scribbling with the Neo crayons.   I honesty thought about the times I colored for my little sister Patty and just for myself.  I do love to color.
 Lines seem to be calling out and with the edge of the paper to the thin hair ones made with the crayons. I was following the intuitive nudge.

 Again a little close up of the shapes of the papers, color and wonderful texture that comes with the process of making the paper and coating it with the polymer medium...I never really know what the full effect will be till after the glazing process then I would say some attitude starts to step out.   I don't me the kind with gratitude either.  I mean some real raw stuff.

The other piece is called "Quiet your Mind"  and being this after the first piece and larger, I might call it Quieting My Mind....seems I'm always needing that space of whiteness or stillness to do that....The woods and or yoga a physical form of quieting also.
So after this little break I'll be heading back up...the upper right hand corner needs the shadowing around the paper shapes. 


  1. Love to see the process Laura...thanks.

  2. So many rich areas I'm falling in love with as it comes together.

  3. Thanks for sharing a bit of the process. Looking great!


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